Shinrin-Yoku~ Forest Bathing

Relaxing at the magical Mohonk Mountain House! Doing some Japanese “Shinrin-Yoku”better known as “Forest Bathing” for de-stressing & relaxation, some canoeing & of course overindulging with 3 meals a day included!  Choosing the calming colors of forests and nature are always good Feng Shui for your home and your well-being.  #forestbathing #shinrinyoku

Library Au Courant (Trending)

The home library is trending big now. Create a room, space or a cozy corner surrounded by books and magazines that ignite your imagination, bring a sense of calm, inspire you to follow your passions or transport you to exotic destinations around the world. Here you have the world at your fingertips, what are you going to do with it?

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Why a Fire Pit is a great idea even more now!

1. Adds a Multi-Season Space ~ Create a space that encourages you to be out more to enjoy the fresh air.
2. Ambiance and warmth ~ On colder night, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and enjoy the fire’s glow and the dancing of the flames. The light of the fire draw us closer and wraps its warmth around us. (Keep a few blankets draped on chairs for additional warmth).
3. Add a spark into your romance ~ Enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine and being with your loved one.
4. Fireside Entertainment ~ Perfect for safe social distancing. Invite friends and family over, arranging chairs around your fire pit and have a great time. No fire is the same, so it is always welcoming, warming and mesmerizing.
5. Get Cookin’ ~ Who doesn’t love roasting marshmallows and making s’mores…be creative!

Counter Height

Interior Design FYI ~ The the optimal height for countertops is 36″. Most cabinet bases are 34.5″ high, with toe kick & countertop thickness of 1.5 “. Or you can order custom cabinets for your desired height.

The Design Process

The design process and how it starts with the messy samples, to neat selections to the final install!


”Silver balls transplanted!” These wonderful silver balls looked great in my clients garden here in New Jersey. Now they’re making a second appearance in her new home in Florida where they look fabulous beside the pool. Love Re-purposing!

Sweet Summer Grass

Coco Chanel basking in the sweet summer grass!

Summer Peaches

Summer Peaches

Even though so much in our lives is different now summer peaches will still be softly fuzzy, deliciously sweet & juicy. Oh and what a fabulous color!

Be still my beating heart! 💜

What an awesome amethyst! Love the shade too. Can feel the positive energy from here.

Last Glass Standing

Last Glass Standing – Some nostalgia –Sipping some rose  wine in the last glass from a wedding gift many years ago. They are from a shop in Toronto but are very fragile and expensive. We kept replacing them but then gave up!   the peonies are from bushes that my parents planted 25 years ago and we have transplanted to our place. We don’t get as much sun so the crop is much smaller but they’re still going and absolutely gorgeous!