Month: June 2020

Be still my beating heart! 💜

What an awesome amethyst! Love the shade too. Can feel the positive energy from here.

Last Glass Standing

Last Glass Standing – Some nostalgia –Sipping some rose  wine in the last glass from a wedding gift many years ago. They are from a shop in Toronto but are very fragile and expensive. We kept replacing them but then gave up!   the peonies are from bushes that my parents planted 25 years ago and we have transplanted to our place. We don’t get as much sun so the crop is much smaller but they’re still going and absolutely gorgeous!

Design Of The Times

Design of the Times

Mary Fran Brassard | Brassard Design Interiors in Rumson, NJ | 732-741-3773 |

My shift to more consultation work started prior to Covid, so the slow down at the beginning of the sheltering-in-place order was helpful to me with time to focus on learning the technology. This has also helped me to transition into working remotely with clients new and existing. I actually acquired a new client in New Hampshire for a rather large decorating makeover and we will be doing it all remotely! Locally, I’ve helped several people with exterior paint colors, tile selection and lighting fixtures. I’m looking forward to being able to work in person with my local clients but in the meantime, Zoom meetings, videos and emailing has kept their projects moving and my business booming! I keep reading that the design sector is going to be one of the first ones coming back strongly since people have been looking at their homes and realizing they need updating. Hoping the prediction is right for all of us in the design world!