Take a widow who had been married for 34 years and have her marry a widower who had been married for 46 years and have her move into his house, and what do you get? Possibly trouble! So we decided to hire Mary Fran. It was more fun than marriage counseling and Mary Fran was very sensitive to both of our needs as we decided what family treasures to keep and what should go. She helped us smoothly combine our “keepers” and select lovely new things to create a home that was truly ours. We are both happy with our home’s new look and just celebrated our 7th Anniversary.

My engineer husband wants me to add that Mary Fran uses “high quality contractors who she manages well to get the work completed on schedule”. I will add to that that we could not have made the changes we did without Mary Fran’s guidance, support and diplomacy. The resources she had access to were incredible—whether custom designing a rug, finding wonderful fabrics or great furniture makers or bringing in talented professionals to hang art, paint interior spaces, custom build cabinets, hang chandeliers and on and on. It was an amazing experience.

One Happy Client

Brassard Design Associates is a creative interior design firm with the highest professional standards. Mary Fran Brassard, the firm’s leader, has a keen sense of space and is capable of satisfying any desired style. I think she is best known for her metro inspirations which focus on contemporary forms while at the same time emphasizing a warm aesthetic and physical comfort. She is always at the forefront of color trends and is superb at incorporating new technological innovations ranging from lighting to mechanized window treatments. Most importantly, the firm is well organized to deliver completed projects with efficiency and grace. Mary Fran listens to her clients and has a calm and confident demeanor without any affectation or pretension. It is always a fun and collaborative venture working with her.

Lesley WishnickA very happy client

We have been living in our home for 23 years always longing to renovate our master bedroom, but we were never able to come up with a vision for the space! So finally we took a step aside, and asked Brassard Design Interiors for HELP! After only a visit or two and lots of tape measuring and looking around, Brassard Design came up with a plan and vision that resulted in our dream space!!!!  Mary Fran worked her magic and now my husband and I are thoroughly enjoying our fabulous new Ensuite beyond anything we could have ever imagined! We are living in a whole new luxurious world of texture, color, peace, comfort and tranquility that we are in love with! How do you spell magic? B-r-a-s-s-a-r-d  D-e-s-i-g-n!!! Thank you so much for your magic Mary Fran and all at Brassard Design!  We couldn’t be happier!!!! Warmly!

The Reichhards

I have utilized Brassard Design Interiors talents for both my office design as well as my home. Mary Fran is an interior designer who really understands her clients, their taste, their apprehension in design decisions, and makes it a point to really get to know who they are. She not only listens to what they say, but finds a way to emotionally connect to what they will be happy with. Attention to detail separates good from great and there are very few as focused on details as Mary Fran. She took the time to understand what my wife and I were all about before making suggestions to our top to bottom redo in our home. On a number of occasions she pushed my comfort zone in design and decor, that to this day I still thank her for. “Pushing the Envelope” is sometimes a scary experience, especially in a place often called a sanctuary, but when done correctly rewards you for years and years.

Although our “top to bottom redo” is complete, we continue to work with Mary Fran for guidance in all our accessory decisions around our home. Bottom line is Mary Fran Brassard really gets it.

One Very Happy Little Silver Client