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Design of the Times

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My shift to more consultation work started prior to Covid, so the slow down at the beginning of the sheltering-in-place order was helpful to me with time to focus on learning the technology. This has also helped me to transition into working remotely with clients new and existing. I actually acquired a new client in New Hampshire for a rather large decorating makeover and we will be doing it all remotely! Locally, I’ve helped several people with exterior paint colors, tile selection and lighting fixtures. I’m looking forward to being able to work in person with my local clients but in the meantime, Zoom meetings, videos and emailing has kept their projects moving and my business booming! I keep reading that the design sector is going to be one of the first ones coming back strongly since people have been looking at their homes and realizing they need updating. Hoping the prediction is right for all of us in the design world!



Spring mantle styling with some of my favorite things. My dear friend Mary brought me the tulips last week from Holland Ridge Farm – so excited to get flowers since they have been in short supply these days. The Egyptian style vase was my Mom’s – happy Mother’s day Mom! She had great taste – I think this is from one of their many trips to the Metropolitan museum. The NY street scene collage was a gift from a wonderful friend and client Jeanne. And of course my beloved crystals and exquisite jade disc. Love me my accessories!


Creative Play Celery

With extra time on your hands what’s a creative to do but play! I’ve been reading a marvelous book called Everybody Was So Young – Gerald and Sara Murphy: A Lost Generation Love Story by Amanda Vaill. Fascinating biography of the Murphy’s who were quite unique individually but also we’re friends with the great artist of the time Picasso, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Cole Porter, Dorothy Parker, Hemingway, Leger, John Dos Pasos, Archibald MacLeish and many others. Sarah Murphy was an innovative decorator in her own homes and loved flower arrangements but also placed her “stalks of pale green celery in vases”. So I thought I’d try it – beware a bored decorator. It’s actually kind of nice seeing it in the refrigerator.


“Spring is finally here in New Jersey and I’m relishing (pun intended) how fresh & green everything looks!”
How many shades of these greens can you find in nature now? Spring green, fern green, new grass green?



We took off for a quick overnight at our friend’s beach house last week and took Coco with us.
She’s channeling her inner Coco Chanel here and getting ready for the big “pant” all the way there and back! Travel is not her favorite thing but she prefers it to being left with a sitter!


Partial shot of my clients Living Room in Spring Lake, N.J. She has a wonderful collection of books styled by my assistant Doreen G. The fabulous Asian couple on top are from the now defunct Church Street Gardens. Timeless pieces are a signature look for me – we purchased the chow leg cocktail table for their previous home and still looks great!


Please come to the  JUNE 13th!
Although I’m not participating in this year’s Giving Tables at Town & Country Kitchen & Bath in Red Bank,NJ. I’m attending the gala opening and reminding you to buy tickets to support such a wonderful cause. Lunch Break does so much for our community and deserves all our support. This picture is from the first year I did my table. For Tickets:

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